Aime Aesthetic clinic Ratchada-Huai Kwang opens until 2AM as “Beauty Night Clinic“

aime 2am night


Aime Aesthetic Ratchada -Huai Kwang branch proudly presents its first clinic in Thailand under “Night Clinic “ concept as it opens until 2AM for Urban Bangkokians

The well-known surgery clinic in Thailand , Aime Aesthetic Clinic is well-known for good job of cosmetic surgery as well as dermatologist leading by Dr.Penlada Krutgosa who established business and keep running business for a another level of service in order to meet patient’s satisfaction

Recently , Aime Aesthetic clinic Ratchada-Huai Kwang branch has improved its service and change its open hour until 2AM to be the center of cosmetic surgery and related innovation .Moreover , is to meet the life style of urban people or Bangkokians whose lifestyle is stay up late or end work late so they can spend time spontaneously to pamper themselves a bit.

Aime clinic Ratchada-Huai Kwang branch shows off its unique under the concept of ‘ The One & Only Beauty Night Clinic ‘ as its first and only surgery clinic in Thai which opens everyday until 2 AM.

services include Facial Contouring (Rhinoplasty , Chin Enhancement , Double Eyelid Surgery , Forehead Augmentation ) , Breast Enhancement , Breast Reducement ,Facial Rejuvenation (Facelift) , Body Contouring Skin Rejuvenation , Acupuncture etc . led by a team of certified and experienced surgeons . Our team are pleased to provide the professional and trusted advice to suit your requirement as much as possible with reachable price and free online consultation.

We are prompt to reach you with 5 branches available in Thailand which is 2 in Bangkok , Ratchada-Huai Kwang, and Ratchapruek. Meanwhile 3 outside of Bangkok which is Chantaburi, Petchaburi and Udonthani

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