Flawless Skin with Celebrity white from Aime Clinic

Flawless Skin with Celebrity

Say goodbye to tiring skin and welcome flawless  skin with Celbrity White from Aime Clinic

if your skin is perfect and healthier , it will help you glow and shine !

We would like to introduce our secret and exclusive perfect skin  program which called “ Celebrity White “ program.

This contains varieties of vitamins ,enzyme , placenta , collagen which will inject all over your face unto 16 points. This will revive and regenerate your skin cells to be healthier meanwhile reduce the acne scar , redness . breakouts etc It also boost collagen and reduce small wrinkles  So your skin will  glow and shine and healthier

it’s more than treatment as it’s not only add variety of vitamins to only your surface of skin but it will add vitamins into your skin by injection. So it can absorb better

Our Celebrity White Treatment programs offers :

1) Detoxification : to detox all impurities, toxins , pollutants and dead skin cells which the main factor to make your skin dull and not smooth and bright

2) Metabolism : boost the lymph and blood cycle to recreate new cells

3)Nutrients and therapy : add the skin- needed vitamin to cells directly

4) Restructing : balance cells skin and make our skin glow and flawless from inside as well as strengthen your skin

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