Mastectomy boosts 100% confident as flat male’s breast


Lets meet tomboy who transformed in to man with Mastectomy surgery

These days we are open and sex is no matters as we can choose what we want in our own way and be ourselves . For any tomboy who concern about the problems of wearing bra to make your chest flat the breast surgery will change your life

It sounds creepy to cut some part of your body out , but no worries at Aime clinic the surgery are taken by experienced surgeons and the clinic is standardized

so you can be sure it will be safe and sound !

theMastectomy or breast cutting surgery is the removal of female breasts and the shaping of a male contoured chest. for the technic will be applied depends on your breast size which will be recommended by surgeons

So to day we will have an interview with ‘ Boom Chananon’ who have successfully done surgery with Aime Clinic

Hello can you introduce your self a bit ?

Hi , Im Boom Chananon last name is Pramoch Na Ayuddhaya (Some of you might confuse with long Thai name so you can call him ‘Boom’ ^^ )

24 years old

In free time , Boom likes to gain more knowledge by taking variety of courses , lately Boom is into doing bakery other than that he loves badminton , basketball

and do some DJ , MC and is a tattoo artist

As we can see Boom has many tattoos which all have meaning and Boom secretly tells us getting tattoo is even hurt more than the surgery lol ;p

So before you had operation , anything to prepare ?

Nothing much just like when you will have surgery like no alcohol before surgery or blood test etc

Doctor also said that anyone who has medicine allergy or congenital disorder ,medical problems should inform the doctor beforehand and anyone who take Fibrinolytic drugs or Thrombolytic drugs should stop 1 week before operation

So is this surgery freak you out ?

Not at all , actually I’m kinda afraid of injection so it hurts only when you got anesthetic injection but after that you get into sleep and then its done lol

Do we need to see psychiatrist before operation ?

Doctor says that right now in Thailand there’s still no enforcement law for anyone who wish to reduce breast size so it depends on patient , but for your own sake it will be better if patient sees psychiatrist first

How should we take care of ourselves after surgery ?

you might get antibiotics injection depends on doctor’s order

Boom just do everything as usual in his daily life and after 3 days of surgery he ride a motorbike lol

it might be stiff but not in pain

How you feel after surgery

I feel more confident and comfortable like when you go to sea you can just take your shirt off and swim with no worries . this will remove the problem for anyone who wear flat bra which so uncomfy or before this i took hormone which must take every month so for now carefree at all

If you had breast surgery , can you have breast augmentation again ?

possible but not suggest to . in this case you have to consult with experienced surgeons

the best advice is you have to be ready and be sure that you want to do this

Boom , any advice ?

if you wish to do it , just do it

it will make you be more confident

Anyone who wish to do the surgery , please find enough information and choose the place that is safe and has experiences

you can also get free consult with Aime Clinic