New nose , new look from Dr.Waew Aime Clinic


Since i got some free time from breaking from thesis from my university , so i got a chance to surfing the internet and i took this chance to write a review after surgery of my nose from Aime Clinic Chantaburi branch

FYI, Aime Clinic located not only in Bangkok but also in some part of Thailand like Chantaburi ,Petchburi and Udonthai . So you can be sure about the same standard as the doctor will visit every branch by herself

As you can see my before picture , my nose kinda big so after i was hesitated for a while
then i decided to do nose surgery ! i chose USA premium silicone

So this been 6 month already and it started getting in shape and healed
so the shape is pretty and i gotta say i love it as the cost is not too high and doctor is experiences

its not that hurt compare to when you have broken heart lol just kidding :p

so lets c my pix as below !




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